Our Agenda

Session 1: Surgical Retina

Start Time (EST) Speaker Topic
11:30 am Welcome/Introductions
11:40 am Dante J. Pieramici The Port Delivery System (PDS) in the Management of Neovascular AMD
11:52 am Discussion/Q&A
11:57 am David Steel Large Macular Holes
12:09 pm Discussion/Q&A
12:14 pm Elliott Sohn Surgical approaches to gene and stem cell therapies
12:26 pm Discussion/Q&A
12:31 pm André Maia Autologous retinal transplant for macular holes
12:43 pm Discussion/Q&A
12:48 pm Paul Chan Pediatric Retina
1:00 pm Discussion/Q&A
1:05 pm Sponsor Presentations
1:30 pm Session Ends

Session 2: Medical Retina

Start Time (EST)SpeakerTopic
2:00 pm Welcome/Introductions
2:01 pmRichard F. SpaideOverview of Venous Overload Choroidopathy
2:13 pmAmani A. FawziRetinal OCTA imaging: clinical applications and important pitfalls
2:25 pm Discussion/Q&A
2:30 pmCharles C. WykoffGene Therapy for DME and DR
2:40 pmMichael S. IpBrolucizumab for diabetic macular edema
2:50 pm Discussion/Q&A
2:55 pmAnat LoewensteinManagement of Retinal Vein Occlusion
3:05 pmRamin TadayoniCurrent problems and solutions with non
proliferative diabetic retinopathy classification
3:15 pmRobyn GuymerEarly OCT signs of Atrophy in Age related
macular degeneration
3:25 pm Discussion/Q&A
3:30 pm Session Ends