Staining of an Akreos AO60 secondary intraocular lens

April 1, 2023
Amit V Mishra¹⁻², Rosanna Martens¹⁻², Chad F Baker¹⁻²

¹Alberta Retina Consultants, 10924 107 Ave NW Unit 400, Edmonton, AB, T5H0X5; ²University of Alberta, 116&85 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6G2R3

An 80-year-old male was booked for removal of a dislocated IOL and placement of a GorTex sutured Akreos AO60 lens. Before implantation a purple mark from the surgical marking pen was noted on the lens (Fig 1). With irrigation and manual scrubbing there was no clearing of the pigment. The lens was discarded and a new Akreos lens was inserted. Although opacification of the Akreos lens has been reported there are no known reports of staining of the lens with marking pen pigmentation. Care must be taken during surgery to avoid any inadvertent staining of the IOL before implantation.